Flying to Japan?

Advice #1: Choose ANA (All Nippon Airways)

The food on ANA was bomb! Two meals. Bunches of tea. Was so nice. I even got Haagen-daaz ice-cream.


Advice #2: Call the airline about your dietary restrictions.

If you’re vegetarian, you should call them at least a week in advance. As amazing as the food was, I forgot to tell them I am vegetarian until the day before. Sadly, all my food had meat in it. So I didn’t eat. But I did take pictures! Hahaha.

Advice #3: Book extra leg room if you are tall or normal height, even.

I usually never notice the leg space in a plane, because I am tiny. But even I noticed how little leg space there was. Considering I was on a Japanese airline flight, I completely understand. Please be prepared.

Advice #4: Try not to have a domestic layover.

If you have a domestic layover, you’ll need to retrieve your bags and recheck them.

Advice #5: Try not to have an overnight layover in Fukuoka.

You’ll get kicked out of the airport, so you’ll have to find a place to sleep. I slept at an internet cafe: Media Cafe Popeye.

Advice #6: Watch the anime movies on the flight.

I watched In This Corner of the WorldIt was so beautiful. I cried like a baby.

Advice #7: If you arrive domestic at KIX, go downstairs.

Everything at KIX is downstairs (international arrivals), including the luggage delivery, buses, phone plans, prepaid sim cards.