I’m moving north. (+ navigate Kyoto like a pro)


Unrelated picture of me in my yukata. I wore it to for Hanabi (firefly watching) but we all took too long to get ready and missed the whole event. LOL -_-

So, that happened.

After some events, I have decided to leave my apartment for the student dorms. Everyone– from the UCEAP Tokyo Study Center, to the Doshisha staff– was extremely accommodating. Overnight, they have arranged for me to move into the dorms. Tomorrow, less 48 hours after contacting them, I will be dragging all my things across Kyoto and into Casa Kitayama. The Japanese efficiency that I had been previously unimpressed by has finally shown it’s strengths. I have heard horror stories about the lack of support from friends who had studied in different countries through UCEAP and am glad that I am spared from that experience.

I’m quite excited to spend my last month in Kyoto peacefully. ヴィーちゃん lives in Casa Kitayama, where I’ll be moving to. As we all know, I get on well with ヴィーちゃん so I’ve been around to Kitayama often. It’s truly a nice area. The dorm is nice as well! I love the fact that there are large windows in the rooms. All in all, the change in scenery is welcome.

Describing locations in Kyoto is not too difficult.

If you aren’t too familiar with the geography of Kyoto, here’s the reference points I use to navigate. I don’t regularly travel too far out so take my account with a grain of salt. I neglect a lot of interesting places. I know.

Daily life, regular weekend leisure activities included, take me no further south than Fushimi Inari area and no further north than Kitayama. Between Kitayama and Fushimi Inari, I divide up Kyoto roughly into a few reference points roughly from North to South, West to East:

  • Kitayama
  • Imamiya Jinja
  • Doshisha
  • Shiyakusho
  • Shijo/Sanjo (Kawaramachi-side is implied)
  • Gion
  • Kyoto Station
  • Fushimi Inari

With these points and the river I can describe the rough location of most places I go to or want to go to.