Kate is stalking me.

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Dear Kate,

You’re really tall.

I had a lot of fun with you this past week and wish you wouldn’t leave! I feel like time just passes by so quickly whenever we’re in the same room. Plus, together, we have some kind of magical karma. I can’t believe that we saw both a Maiko and a Geiko. I’ve been going down to Shijo and Gion nearly every other day and only when I was with you did I get to see them.

I also can’t believe that you ate shrimp tempura and liked it! Seafood isn’t all horrible! Never have I been so proud of you. Oh, and the bananas. You beast. And of course we can’t forget the amount of meat you have consumed here. I did warn you that you wouldn’t really have a choice. The okonomiyaki was worth it, though, wasn’t it? (I really need to figure out how to make them as good as they do here.) Continue onwards with your food journey and try the tsukemen at Tsukemenya Yasubee in Shinjuku when you get to Tokyo. It’s the dipping style ramen that Vi was recommending to you. If you end up falling in love with ramen, go visit the ramen museum. Apparently there’s a limited time German ramen offered that is amazing.

Thanks for being my emotional and mental coach. Nothing that Darlene and Charlotte can’t fix, right?  Except, my inability to reach the flow state… and the insane amount of shoes I now own. I’m glad you’re always nearby when poop hits the fan for me. But also just plain glad that you’re always around. I swear that it must be the case that we don’t actually live in different countries. Stop stalking me, you giant. And stop having nightmares when I have nightmares. You really don’t ever heed my warnings about reading violent articles before bed.

Please don’t forget to send/post the pictures you have of us. We can’t have a gap in our love story photo series. Oh and you have to send me: Tiana’s play, your thesis, a guide to writing, $800, and your journal upon completion as well. Yes, you have to send me your journal. I have to upkeep my Kate-scribble-reading skills and study your technique so that I, too, can scribble faster.

Here’s a random list:

  • Yasukuni Shrine is the shrine that honors war “heroes”
  • Buy me a back up phone case (plzzz)
  • The lens is convex and projects the inverted image on the retina. Our brain uses our other senses to process the information. This doesn’t necessarily mean that our brain flips the image, it just is able to make sense of the inverted visual information in relation to our other senses that aren’t inverted at perception. But through experiments in perceptual adaptation (see George M. Stratton’s experiment) it has been shown that our brain can in fact adjust to changes in visual input orientation.
  • Emotion = physiological response & Expression of Emotion = brain activity processing physiological and external stimuli?
  • Weird Tokyo can be accessed via this guide: http://www.hellodamage.com/top/tokyo-tour-guide/
  • Please go to a host club in Akihabara for me. You’ll prolly need to make a reservation.


Caryn <3<3<3<3