This is me when I laugh. I smile with all my teeth. Hehe~

Hi! My name is Caryn.

I am going to blog about useful things– I hope. I’m starting this blog to document my study abroad trip to Japan. It is my wish that I might make mistakes that you all can learn from!

I’m studying abroad at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan for Spring 2017 (March – August) through the UCEAP Doshisha University, Language and Culture Program. My home university is UC Berkeley and my major is Computer Science. I love cats, food, and teaching 🙂


Any burning questions? Msg me on LINE 🙂 Fastest way to reach me right now. よろしくお願い!


Side note: Whilst spinning up this new site, I managed to stumble over a few embarrassing blogs I scattered around the internet during my preteen/teenage years. So, it appears that I am not at all a stranger to blogging. One of those blogs had 70 posts! 70!