Used Kimono and Yukata in Kyoto


Trying on a kimono… and then buying it. I’m thinking of wearing this for my graduation back in California. Or maybe the orange one? ARG. dunno.

I bought 3 formal kimono and 1 yukata… why? I have no idea. I think I’ll sell 2 of them off in America or before I leave. It was an impulse buy (めっちゃやばい!!!). Other than maybe for graduation, I probably won’t wear them ever. My favorite part about studying in Kyoto is the access to traditional culture. It’s uncommon to see people wearing kimono around the streets and I love it! I’m all wrapped up in looking at cute girls wearing cute kimonos and then buying them myself. I’m sad that I won’t have many occasions to wear them, though. One, my family would probably complain that I should wear more Vietnamese dresses (which I do…). Two, I need to be careful about cultural appropriation.

I’ll be writing about:

  1. My Yukata
  2. My Kimono
  3. Tips for Buying
  4. Where to buy

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Cheap Japanese Data Cellphone Plan (IIJMIO)

** Anything marked with an asterisk is accompanied by a disclaimer that I have no Japanese knowledge and therefore cannot read any of the websites. I am making guesses based on a variety of different translation means. 


I am paying 900 yen (less than 9 USD) per month for 6 GB of high speed data. Wow. So cheap.

Being the millennial that I am, I spent by far, the most amount of time researching phone plans (see sources for link to where I found the service I chose). I am quite cheap when it comes to things that aren’t exciting, but still essential. I don’t know if I found the best plan in general, but with the deal that they are offering, it definitely is the best for me! If you’d rather skip the hassle, other friends went to the BIC Camera Store and had it done in person, super quick and easy. If you like the struggle, read on.

Let’s get down to it. It was a arduous process, but only because my Japanese is nonexistant. I tested into the 0th level, which doesn’t exist in my program, they created it for the 6 of us from the UCEAP program who couldn’t even test into the lowest level they offer.

I got the BIC SIM (partnered with IIJIMIO). The plan is under a current promotion where the data is doubled for 6 months (*once you start it between 2017/2/16 ~2017/5/7). Perfect for me who is only here for 5 months.

Things to note:

  • All official instructions are in Japanese
  • You need a credit card in your name, it can definitely be international
  • If you want voice enabled, the minimum is 6 months
  • Your sim will be delivered, you must be present to accept the package
  • You will need wifi to set up your sim once you get it
  • You can pick to use Docomo or AU service, check what your phone supports
  • Service for me did not start until the 1st of the month, though they gave me some data coupons to use for the few days I had before that kicked in.
    • I registered super late in March and service started in April. I don’t know what would happen if you register April 2 or 3.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.16.46 PM.png

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